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Are you looking to succession plan or have you recruited someone/ a team early in their career or fairly new to leadership and management? Have you or are you currently going through significant change where you have identified that mentoring for managers would aid a smoother transition? Or are you looking to take your team in another direction where mentoring could play a part in the journey to success?

Growing leadership and / or management skills in a short period of time is a real challenge as projects speed on and the need for innovation is always present.  This can leave individuals in post with little or no experience or expertise.  

A mentor as opposed to a coach or trainer has experience, knowledge and skills that they are willing and able to share with a mentee. Learning skills from those that have previous experience of leadership / management exposes managers to hands-on style learning, valuable insights and past experiences therefore providing techniques and practical tools that an individual under guidance from their mentor, can take away and use. This style of learning can also bring pace as new managers are learning, trying and testing tools, finding out what works for them and their team whilst also reflecting, reviewing and adapting with their mentor.

Leadership mentoring for managers is also one of the most cost-effective and efficient tools an organisation has for employee development. This allows for widespread career development strategizing and increased employee engagement. It also makes a great tool for succession planning.

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