The Ideas

This page does exactly what the title suggests…it is a home for our current thinking and ideas we are looking to put out there. If these resonate with you then this is an open invitation for you to get in touch! Just let us know via our Contact form

We are currently thinking about how financial services may make it safer for those experiencing financial or domestic abuse to protect their money and potentially raise the alarm that they are being coerced or in some cases threatened to withdraw money for someone other than themselves.

When an individual goes to a cashpoint, could there be a number that they add after their pin number that alerts someone that they are experiencing difficulty? Is there a way to lock an account by adding a number at the beginning or the end of a pin number?

We have worked with people experiencing poor mental health and those in crisis for many years. The pandemic and the cost of living is exacerbating this and bringing challenges to those who may never have experienced mental ill health before. We would really like to support companies in their knowledge around how to work with people with mental health conditions. Do you think it is needed?

What sort of training is provided to those on the front line to be understanding and show compassion to someone who may be struggling? Is it enough? Do colleagues use language that is inclusive?

One in three women experience mental ill health at some point in their life so it doesn’t affect a small number of people….should this be on more organisations agendas?