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A key ingredient to success?

Would you like to work with generation Z or alpha to seek their views but perhaps don’t have access to this cohort and not sure how to reach out? Would you like to work in true co-creation and partnership to produce or review something? We can recruit, manage and support groups of generation Z and alpha to work with you on an area of work that you may want to target. Diversity, peer led recruitment and empowerment is at the heart of this work.

Are you working with diverse communities and keen to hear their voices and ideas but struggle to reach them or would prefer a neutral facilitator to do this?

Are resources limited meaning there is little time to do this or manage cohorts you want to employ or work with for a short time on a service led project?

We can work with you to ensure that their voices are heard, feedback is rich and recommendations are focused and tangible. We can also support and empower the group to build on and produce outcomes or ideas for you to take forward and support them to project fruition if needed.

Have a look at our Community Commitment for more on why this work is important to us